A Kukuburi Tale by Bartłomiej Kuczyński

A Kukuburi Tale by Bartek

A Kukuburi Tale by Bartek

when i was in łódź for the komiks festiwal i had the pleasure of meeting bartek, his lovely muse hania, and his sister agnieszka. now, not only is bartek a doctor but in his spare time he does comics as well! so i could not be more honoured when he took the call to arms and created a kukuburi guest strip.

now i know we’ve missed the hallowe’en mark here but really… who cares? especially when one guest strip wasn’t good enough for old bartek, and he went all out and did up a two page extravaganza!

in the meantime, check out bartek’s own site graphicus for more of his talents… the only catch is that you need to know polish :P

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