A Fugly Friend Indeed.

After her parents death Nadia moved in with her Baba Eva, transplanting her life from the suburbs where she grew up to her grandmother’s home in the big city. The Change was a difficult one at such a young age. Feeling alone and Having to leave her friends behind to start fresh in an place mostly unfamiliar to her seemed like the end of the world. 

Though, as young children do, Nadia soon made friends with two kids that lived in the same brownstone as her grandmother. Leon, a black boy a few years older, and Larysa, a polish girl with more attitude than her little frame should handle, made up the triangle of friendship that would help Nadia adjust to her new life.

Zulu, one of the Fugly Friends™, was given to Nadia as a gift to her by Leon and Larysa a year to the day after their friendship began. Zulu quickly became her bedside confidant when her friends were not within earshot, for who better to keep secrets than a plush companion?

As the years went and life and responsibility took precedence, friends had less time to play and Zulu took in more words than a little fellow rightfully should, but he kept the secrets shared with him… 

With a thought of desperation, a pinch of fear and a longing for comfort Zulu was brought to life in the Inbetween when a falling Nadia seeking the safety of her home brought her very room and all that it contained into being. A subconscious act on her part coalesced the very fibre of the Underside to satiate her need. A dangerous act as all that roams in the land of shadows and crunchy things is the domain of Him and his minions…

Zulu’s first appearance.

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