Analog Or Digital?


In the war against mediocrity Zomgz is as fun as it gets.

As if his finger were a stylus and the air in front of him a blank canvas Zomgz can create anything his mind can envision, or, if you properly explain it to him, whatever yours can as well. His creations are limited to automations, robots, unexplainable technological wonders, and the fancies of science fiction. As he creates a 3D linear in the air in front of him, his flat-cap (a working man’s hat) takes care of business and builds the item. Due to this the items Zomgz can build are somewhat limited to what can be extracted from the hat. However, given time he can create the item in pieces and assemble it outside of the cap.

As with most creative types Zomgz seems to exist on his own timetable, meandering through his existence at his own pace, letting the laws of inspiration dictate. So no matter how dire or desperate the situation, Zomgz tends to take care of things on his own time, more often than not to the benefit of the situation.

An eager ear to all Zomgz is an attentive listener, his appetite for stories seemingly bottomless. However, communicating with him is another affair all together. A few of his comrades in the La Brigade Du Chapeau are lucky enough to understand his organic warbles and bleeps, but for the most part it is a game of charades. Luckily Zomgz’ knack for creativity and construction also stems into languages, so he usually understands just fine.

Always absorbing things around himself Zomgz, when not busy repelling the advances of The Perpetual Machine, likes to relax and listen to whatever may be within arm’s reach (jazz recordings on discarded vinyl being his favourite) and reading (a good western or crime thriller) the same whilst enjoying a minty fresh tropical concoction.

Zomgz is also a Kung-Fu Master, but that’s on the down low.

Zomgz’ first appearance.

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