Birds of a feather…

The Inbetween is populated by various denizens of all shapes and sizes. One of the more seemingly ordinary is the most special. The Bluebird. Emissaries of Her, the Dreaming Mother.

The Bluebird has mythological roots that travel back thousands of years. These birds, one of the special few, can freely traverse between the Inbetween and the Realside.  Cultures across the globe share similar beliefs about the Bluebird and it’s unique character, often considering it a sacred creature. It is the most universally accepted symbol of cheerfulness, happiness, prosperity, home, good health, renewal, and so forth. Virtually any positive sentiments may be attached to the Bluebird.

In the realms of magic symbology, Bluebirds represent confidence in the positive aspect and on the flipside, egotism in the negative. The death of a Bluebird is a symbol of disillusionment, of the loss of innocence, and of transformation from the younger and naive to the older and wiser.

Aside from the Bluebird, the other feathered friend of import is the Kookaburra – who laughs because he knows – but that is another story…

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