A Quatropus You Say?


Rendo began as a blink in a dream. Though time is irrelevant in the Inbetween, things seem to pop into existence at one moment and be gone the next, and the denizens that reside there don’t seem to age, they just are. That being said Rendo has been around for quite some time. If we were to take it into the Realtime when imagination touched paper one would gather Rendo might be celebrating his 800th birthday soon!

But that’s the Realtime and not the Inbetween. 

With his speculative age and wisdom Rendo was a natural choice to head L’Académie des Chapeaux and its Brigade when Galabrios retired from the Inbetween. With this position he took up a timehonoured mantle of protecting the Inbetween, its denizens, and the thoughts and ideas that sustain it. 

As with all members of L’Académie, Rendo entered the great forest and waited to be chosen by his chapeau: a unique linking of persona, power and fashion. His Bowler, or if one prefers, Derby, is a hat of many uses. Aside from wearing it at a gruff angle to add a little flair, Rendo often uses the hat as a place of unlimited storage for items that can range from something as simple as a notepad and paper, to something more nefarious like a negative bomb. 

The hat has also been used as a gateway from one chapeau to another, but this is a tricky feature as it has always been hard to find one’s way through the darkness within the chapeau, not to mention squeezing through the hat’s opening of 7 and 3/8’s.

His obligations to L’Académie aside Rendo is a quiet Quatropus, though when necessity calls he will be the first to fly (or float) into battle. For the most part, however, he enjoys his cup of Earl Grey and side of biscuits whilst reading the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Monsieur Lecoq or Nestor Burma. 

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