Faster Than A Speeding Bullet!


They say his father was a ladybug and his mother a firefly. Either way, he’s fast.

Reggie, a longstanding member of L’Académie Des Chapeaux and La Brigade Du Chapeau, has constantly proved his worth as a fellow team mate. Constantly zipping into the maw of danger is nothing new to this little fellow as he is often entrusted with the Brigade’s most dangerous missions. If bravery were judged by size he most certainly would be the grandest mountain.

What entails a dangerous mission in a world of pink skies and purple depths? Though the Inbetween is a relatively safe place there is always the Underside, where crunchy things are created and nightmares reside. There a legendary tale took place when Reggie perilously descended into one of the seven nostrils of a Wiku giant in order to retrieve a peculiar follicle of cinnamon roots. This was a feat that may sound somewhat mundane or silly to a resident of the Realtime, but was a mission most perilous indeed!

Reggie, a most worthy comrade to have on your shoulder.

Reggie’s first appearance.

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