Bigging It Up

…or more affectionately referred to as Lenny, to his dismay, by his newfound friends.

If one measured time as in the Realtime it would be safe to say that Leonard has been roaming the Inbetween for hundreds of years. But in this place where a moment lasts for ever and time is undefined one need not worry about age or years. The Inbetween is between here and there. Through a gate, under a rock, or a slight tilting of the head to the right. However you may get there, it’s truly a fantastical place when you do. Built on the dreams and imaginings of… well, now that would be telling wouldn’t it.

Back to Lenny, er, Leonard…

He’s an old soul that’s been travelling for a long time, riding the islands as they float through the Overside and sleeping deep in their burrows as they drift the Underside. The latter in fact is what got him into his current predicament. But I’m getting ahead of myself. As far as denizens of the Inbetween go Leonard is pretty simple. He’s a snail, perhaps more common in the Realside than in the Inbetween thereby making him a little more special here than there. The one unique physical trait that can be attributed to Leonard is his shell, his safe haven and portable home. It is a colourful conchiolin that tends to define his mood. Blue more often than not as he tends to be a relaxed mollusc, durning times of anger however you’ll see it turn red, yellow for fear, green at moments of unease, or brown whilst hibernating, to define but a few.

No one really pays much attention to a snail. They’re small and for the most part go rather unnoticed. This has helped Leonard a lot and allowed him to travel unhindered in a land when sometimes being noticed can spell a bit of trouble. It has also allowed him to witness things unseen by many others that have resided in the Inbetween much longer than he has. This little fellow is a well of knowledge and wisdom belittling his size. He has witnessed dreams written on snowflakes, touched the starry eyes of the underside, watched the maiden sleep, and gazed upon men lose what is most precious to them, but for all his adventures Leonard is a lonely soul as his journey has been a solitary one.

up till now.

It can be quite tiring journeying for the length of time Leonard has. So as per usual when he grew tired, or bored, or a little bit of both, Leonard would burrow into the safety of one of the floating islands or rocks and slumber. For the most part nothing eventful would ever really happen, up until the last time that is, when he awoke to find his burrow had grown arms and gained a slight case of personality…

And that bring us up until the now.

You’ll have to wait to see what happens next…

Leonard’s first appearance.

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