A Noise In A Name.


The Ghrung, so named after the sound of its call that can be heard echoing through the Underside, is a voracious killer of all that stands in its path. When pickings are slim the Ghrung has even been known to turn and feast on one of its own pack. This Darwinian process ensures that the Ghrung’s packs are always of the strongest and fittest.

The Ghrung’s nostrils are located on top of its head, at the back of the skull. As with most creatures of the Underside the Ghrung hunts by the smell of fear; their large nostrils are attuned to that particular musky panic-scented pheromone. The Ghrung’s strong claws on both fore and hind legs allows the beast to scale practically any surface in the land where nightmares reside to reach any prey it might desire.

The creature’s upper back, its spinal ridge, is made up of bony plates hidden beneath its thick leathery skin. As Ghrungs age the underlying spiky protrusions of the boney carapace begin to protrude through the skin much like a deer’s antlers. An older Ghrung can be easily spotted based on the number of spikes protruding from its back and shoulders, as opposed to the younger ones having fewer, if any.

The Ghrung’s first appearance

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