The Aroma of Fear


Frooms share a special relationship with the underside.

These plant-like life forms are roused by the scent of fear and use it as their sustenance. The chemical reaction that occurs as a heart races and adrenaline flows will rouse the tentacles of surrounding Frooms. These tendrils will encircle their victim and plunge their stinger into it’s flesh inducing a sleep toxin. The sedative will then send the victim spiraling down into their own nightmares so that the feast, for the froom, will be that much tastier. Nutrients will flow from the Froom in a symbiotic relationship in order to keep the victim alive as the Froom feeds. The victim will slumber endlessly as long as it is connected to the Froom.

As the dreams grow in strength the Frooms will begin to birth nightmares, pulling creatures from their victims subconscious. The stronger the nightmares the more imposing the results…

The Frooms’ first appearance

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