Along Came A Spider…


Diosdado, affectionately referred to as ‘Dado’ by his friends and teammates, despite his grand stature (the second largest of La Brigade Du Chapeau!) is quite the quiet fellow.

When not manning the bubblegum-gunnery atop the Battlewhale, where his speed and dexterity are of a great asset, Dado uses his four ocelli, eight nimble legs and four forelimbs to scour the great Inbetween in search of books. A voracious reader Dados home, a great vertical tunnel buried deep in the roots of the great hat tree is a library that houses countless tomes of literature. There is no book in this great library that has gone unread by Dado and in turns his acquired knowledge and vast wisdom is often called upon by La Brigade whether it be for the strategies of war or a nice recipe for carrot cake.

In an effort to broaden his friends literary horizons Dado can often be seen lending out his books, unfortunately despite his gracious efforts the book club meetings are predominantly attended by Dado and Rendo only. Though early on Morvo was making his presence known but when it was found out he was eating the books he was quickly banned from the library.

Along with Rendo and Mr. Bojangles Dado is one of the oldest members of the current Brigade roster.

Dado’s ‘thinking cap’, as he calls his beret, provides a direct link to his library and will often help illustrate any given passage of a chosen book in, at times, a most boisterous fashion!

Dado’s first partial appearance and first full appearance.

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