Two Heads Are Better Than One


… or so they say.

As children grow they at times create imaginary friends who help them along life’s path. Fanciful beings who understand their anger and relish in their happiness. Corky and Cecil are the result of a pair of brothers, fraternal twins, whose divergent personalities unable to agree on their imaginary friend created one to appeal to both their attitudes. Corky encapsulates a young child’s wonder and enthusiasm, whilst Cecil is a little more jaded and pragmatic like an old codger set in his ways. Akin to oil and vinegar these seldom mix well, or for very long.

Though, If Corky wasn’t attached to Cecil, one might wonder if he’d have survived this long.

The result of such divergent personalities has come in quite handy when in need of divergent perspectives. No matter the question you’ll likely get an answer that covers the full spectrum from a “glass half empty” to one of a “glass half full” point of view.

Despite their opposing outlooks both Cecil and Corky are a valuable asset to LA BRIGADE. Their strength is rarely matched and their varied dragon-like breaths come in quite handy.  Varied as most dragon’s are known to curl out a ball of fire from their mighty maws, Cecil and Corky’s tend to vary based upon what they have eaten earlier in the day. Spicy foods might result in a ball of flame whilst a bowl of ice cream might bring about an icy cold chill.  

As for what powers or abilities their hat might lend itself to, this is pretty much a guess; as both Corky and Cecil are constantly at a tug-o-war with it, they’ve never actually had a chance to find out!

Cecil & Corky’s partial first appearance and first full appearance.

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