Bashful Boulder

Affectionately reffered to as her “Nugget of Love”, Nadia’s silent protector is the result of the love, honesty, and s little bit of whimsy. A subconcious afterthought later mixed with a yearning. Nug is concrete emotion, a response to Nadias cry in a time of need. dangerous in the fact that he was created in the underside, and all that is created there belongs to the underside.

perhaps there is a loophole or escape clause, or perhaps it us enough that he was not created in a response to a fear or anxiety. Whatever it may be one thing we know is definite; this big lug’s granite heart belongs to our heroine Nadia.

Being that he is one of the youngest members of the Inbetween there is not much to say about Nug, but rest easy, his story is just beginning…

(okay I promise to write more once I am wellresred and fougt off my cold!)

Nug’s first appearance

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